Terry Bergen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the hard work and preparation that you did in making our stay in Peru so extraordinary. Everything went like clockwork, and I will definitely be recommending ECS to any of our Outdoor Club members wishing to make the journey in the future. I must say I was delighted with the service, and there were many more tours and extra add ones that I didn't expect. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything in a country where I don't speak much of the language, everything was well attended to.

Your staff is excellent, very well trained and looked after all of our needs, I enjoyed them all especially Denis and Marco, as they took such good care of us, and Demetrio's cooking was better than most restaurants, I really don't know how he managed to come up with all those wonderful dishes, out of a cook tent. It was the best ever......

The Porters were very polite and assisted us in any way possible, I was amazed by their agility on the trail with the heavy loads. Thank you so much for making our trip to Peru, the Trip of a lifetime.

Nick, Mike, Allan, Luke

Hi Eliu,

The trip was AMAZING! one of the best experiences of my life. Dennis our guide was great, very informative, relaxed and definitely knew what he was talking about. The porters were some of the nicest people I have ever met, they are so happy all the time. I will suggest your company to anyone who is thinking about doing the trail. A special thanks to the chef, the food is some of the best I have had my whole trip, very much appreciated for everything! No mishaps at all which was a great relief! Thank you again for such a good experience and for your hospitality. Greatly appreciated! Cheers

Andrew Pegg

Hi Eliu,
We had a great time on the Inca Trail. It was a lot tougher than we expected but in a way that added to the enjoyment. When we finished the trail there was a real sense of accomplishment.
We wanted the physical challenge but we also wanted to learn as much as we could about the Inca Trail so on that point I have to say Dennis did a great job educating us.
We also felt in safe hands and knew he was keeping an eye on us while trying to give us space to enjoy the experience. He is definitely a guide you want to keep working for ECS if you can.
Next time we come back to Peru we want to do an Amazon trek with Dennis. So hopefully he's not too old by then. The porters were also incredible. I can't believe the amount of effort they put into looking after us and still had a smile on their face at the end of the day. The food was restaurant quality every day and I don't think we had a meal we didn't enjoy.
Also we liked having the small group. We had friends in a group of 36 and they were going to complain to their tour operator. I will be recommending your company and Dennis to anyone going to Peru. Thank you kindly and have a great 2011.

Laurie Bogue

"We arrived safely at home last night. My husband and I just wanted to thank you very much for helping to make our trip to Peru such a great experience full of wonderful memories. All of our connections, transfers, hotel arrangements, tours; just every little detail was taken care of in a professional and efficient manner. It is very comforting knowing that someone is always there to assist you, if needed, when you are travelling in a foreign country. Your staff was always courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and very, very helpful.
I would also like to say that 'Dennis', our Inca Trail guide, was outstanding. He guided us with patience, compassion and humour. He was knowledgeable beyond what we had expected and he catered to all of our needs. Dennis became a friend to all of us on that trek and that in turn made our journey an unforgetable success. (Dennis' crew was a group that were also extremely friendly, efficient and helped us out with anything we needed.)
Once again Eliu, thanks for everything and I will gladly recommend your company to anyone travelling to Peru. I wish you continued success, good health and much happiness".

Cameo and Patrick

"Thanks so much for making our trip to Peru so wonderful. We had a really great time and it was all made possible by ECS. We would definitely recommend your service to other Peru travelers".


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